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– My name is Ola – she “told” us when she came to this world. This is how our journey together begun. Since that time we have faced some sleepless nights, endless cries but first of all incredible amounts of joy each day. Our life has changed completely. We are aware of huge responsibility to raise a decent and open minded person and we swear to do it the best way we can.

Before we met our Girl our passion was travel. We loved visiting new places, meeting new people, we were always ready to go to another corner of the world. Although now it requires from us a little more than just packing a carry on, we decided not to give it up. Thankfully our Junior seems to enjoy the same we do and now we explore the world as a group of three. We believe that this way of life will contribute to her upbringing and her idea of the world will not be limited to our courtyard. We want her to have wide horizons, be the citizen of the world and not to be surprised seeing other cultures, customs and people. We hope that our travels, time spent together with us and getting to know places will allow us raise wise person.

In this pleace we will be happy to share our memories, experiences, and tell about lights and shadows of traveling with a child. You will find here all the tips and tricks we’ve been learning during journeys with our baby girl. Together with traveling comes photography, so let our photo galleries take you with us everywhere we go and have a look at some nice views, meet great people and follow our stories.

About us


Mom, Magda Kuzma – used to share with Dad the love for post Soviet countries but since the visit to Arabic Peninsula has changed her interests. On our trips responsible first of all for fitting all the baby accessories in a bag as little as possible, driving the car and taking pictures. Always worried not to get late for the bus, train or plane.
Transport: hates flying, prefers the car, especialy when she drives.
Favourite cities: Tbilisi, Ulan Bator.
Best trips so far: from Moscow to Beijing by Trans-Siberian railway.
Biggest dream: to visit Saudi Arabia. Realistic one: Iran.


Dad, Lukasz Kuzma – eastern Europe and Scandinavian countries lover. Full of creative ideas, always gets along with other people even if not speaking local language. Our tester of all tempting beverages, responsible for logistics of all trips, never has enough of the world.
Favourite means of trasnport: subway, airplane and train.
Favourite cities: Vilinius, Moscow and Jerusalem.
Best trip so far: to see the northern lights in Arctic
Biggest dream: to ride Kolyma Highway – the Road of Bones.


Baby, Ola Kuzma – master of sleeping over most of important attractions. Doesn’t speak yet but always wakes up with “What country are we in now?” on her face. Loves making new friends in every corner of the world she visits. On our trips responsible for having fun and waking parents up, always too early in the morning.
Favourite means of transport: stroller.
Favourite places: anywhere with my folks.
Biggest dream: finally explore the world on her own feet.


40 Cities visited
21 Countries visited
13 Number of trips
54700 Km traveled