What NOT to pack for a weekend getaway with the baby?

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And exactly what not to take with you for the weekend or longer trip with one year old or little older and little younger too. We are not going to prepare a long list of things that you have to take with you because it is really easy to gather huge amounts to things. We believe that the whole thing is to pack as little as possible and fit all that in hand luggage. Why hand luggage? I believe this question does not have to be answered at all. The less things you put on your back or have to carry with you, the easier it will be to cover all distances, to move around at the airport, in the city or even in your hotel room! And let me remind you that you will have sombody more important to take care about who will take most of our attention and energy.

bagaż podręczny

All tips you will read below for some of you might seems banal, be obvious for the others, some of you have probably already read somewhere about that (there are hundreds of such advises on the web already) but maybe we will give you some ideas and inspire some of you to more convenient traveling.

1. Because in hand luggage each centimeter of space is important and each kilogram is so valuable pay attention to the smallest things. Even wet wipes that are a must have equipment for baby maintnance can be an arena of saving space and weight. The thing is to leave home that beautifuly decorated box for wipes or the plastic case for them you got buying tens of packs. Planning a short trip we even try not to take the full pack with us but the one half full to save some room in the luggage. Such an advise seems to be completely obvoius but since we have seen parents doing exactly opposite we decided to write about it.

chusteczki nawilżane dla niemowląt

2. Formula milk – our way for travel time is to replace formula milk with milk pudding. This instant one. Thanks to that we supply Ola with necessary daily amount of milk and at the same time have a good breakfast and supper for her. It is a very useful solution if we happen to stay in a hotel where we do not have breakfast. A bottle of mineral water allows us to make our daughter tasty breakfast before even leaving the room. 

3. Don’t think that you have to take the bowl for the pudding with you! It stays home and waits until you get back. Usually in the hotel room you will find some glasses that will allow you make appropriate amount of food for the baby. And for the evening you will probably go out somwehere to eat anyway so just ask for a little bowl for the baby food there.

milk pudding for babies

4. Cotton baby bibs. A one year old eating his or her meal is like little tornado signs of which we can find not only on the walls but sometimes even on the ceiling. That’s at home when sitting in her own high chair. Now imagine trying to keep her in one place and make eat somewhere outside! Normal cotton bibs won’t help, but we suppose that you already know and use at home (as we do) those plastic or silicone ones which are asy to wipe or even wash in the tap. We use ours every day but especially appreciated them going somewhere. They are wide and washable. What to more do you need? After the meal you just wash it in the tap and you are done.

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5. Favourite 50 centimeter cuddly toy! I am sorry but that is definitely a thing that has to stay home. The idea of carrying it accross the world will never let you fit in the carry-on. Instead of this big teddy bear out of huge amount of toys that you probably have at home choose something more effective in terms of size and its possibilities of attracting baby’s attention. We advise books! They are easy to fit in luggage and keep Ola’s attention for a longer while.

6. High heels. Yes mommy, your high heels and sandals and sneakers and flip flops… Sit down and think which shoes to take, choose those the most comfortable ones, wear them and forget about all the others. With tears in the eyes look at high heels you planned for the romantic dinner staying home and let’s be honest with a little one you can rather forget about those romantic dinners too… And actually we believe this is this crucial point that will save you the most space in your luggage :)
dziecko w podróży

7. Baby bathtub! Even this inflatable that takes reletively little place has to stay home. Don’t you even try thinking that bath tub is something necessary. Maybe when you travel by car you can put it somewhere in your trunk but when flying forget about it. But don’t cry over it too much, thanks to leaving it at home you will learn how to bath an infant in any conditions and reduce whole process of evening bath from half an hour procedure to five minute shower!

dziecko w samolocie

8. And since we are already talking about bath make sure to leave the towel at home. In case your baby has a very sensitive skin which gets irritated by anything that is not washed in baby washing liquid you need to take one with you but at least choose the smallest one of all those you have. But if the baby is not that sensitive use those provided by hotel and your luggage will become your friend. 

And now short list of what we cannot skip and have to fit in hand luggage: diapers (plus those for swimming), medicines (at least painkillers and rehydrating ones), cosmetics in those little bottles – for Ola at least some baby body wash and a toothbrush, sun lotion with big factor when needed, a spoon, dinner in jar for the time of travel. All those obvious things like clothes we will not even mention because each one of you will know the best how much of them to take. And what are your experiences with packing? Are you able to fit all you things in hand luggage?

pakowanie bagażu podręcznego

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  1. Natalia | Biegun Wschodni Wednesday January 20th, 2016 at 09:04 AM

    Ja bym to jeszcze bardziej odchudziła. Planuję w ogóle nie używać chusteczek nawilżanych, więc i w podróży będą zbędne. Zamiast tego waciki kosmetyczne (suche) + woda, którą i tak mamy zawsze przy sobie. Dużym ułatwieniem jest też karmienie piersią, nawet do 2 roku życia. Pod warunkiem oczywiście, że ma się warunki. Odpadają słoiczki, butelki, mleczka itp

  2. Mama MI Saturday July 16th, 2016 at 09:36 PM

    Właśnie wróciłam z pierwszych zagranicznych wakacji z 3 miesięcznym dzieckiem i zgadzam się, że karmienie piersią jest błogosławieństwem:) i jak dla mnie nie ma sensu wozić pampersow i pieluch do pływania, przynajmniej do cywilizowanych krajów, bo kupić je można wszędzie, chyba że Wasze dziecko jest wyjątkowo wrażliwe na zmianę pieluch. Za to dmuchany malutki basenik się świetnie sprawdził, nie trzeba było całej wanny wody napuszczac:)

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