Slodowy Dwor Brewery in Harasimowicze, Poland

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At the begining of 2015 in a little village Harasimowicze located near Dabrowa Bialostocka in Poland arose an idea which has changed beer arena in the region. Thanks to the effort of Emilia and Adam Falkowski, who decided to transfer their passion for brewery to the bigger scale, first craft brewery in podlasie Slodowy Dwor was set up.

Slodowy Dwor is located in etnoghraphically interesting area. We decided to visit it during one of our trips when we photographed the most beautiful places of north-eastern Poland. For their business owners have adapted the building previously hosting local school. Inside they mounted a brewhouse of capacity 5,5 hectoliters and four tanks for fermentation and maturation, together 40 hectoliters. For the future they are planning to open a little restaurant there as well. Despite the fact that it is not there yet we didn’t have to wait long to try their beers.

Słodowy Dwór Brewery, Poland

The owners decided that beer they brew will be available not only in special liquor stores and multitaps but also in regular stores so that it was easily reachable for everyone. Thanks to that decision we found their beers in local bar in Sokolka and could give it first try.

The brewery has started from brewing four types of beer and we started our testing from Mgly Pszeniczne of 12,5% Plato, 5% alcohol. Colour golden, significantly cloudy, nice, white fine-foam. In aroma we found bananas and yeast, taste is dominated by grain and bananas, light bitterness. Saturation medium, Mgly Pszeniczne is a very good beer, very drinkable.

After first positive experience we reached for Biebrzanskie – Belgian Pale Ale. 12,5% Plato, 5% alcohol. Beer of rusty color, medium but white, fine-foam. Aroma of the beer is sweet, with honey and cookies, fruits are of lower intensity. Although it is not characteristic for this type, we found some bitternes to be present in the taste. Some delicate flavour of fruits is also there. The beer seems to be a little bit too dry, it misses this characteristic for BPA sweetnes.

Brewery Slodowy Dwor in Harasimowicze, Poland

Slodowy Dwor brews also English Pale Ale called Dolina Jakubowa (Jacob’s Valley), 16,5% Plato, 7% alcohol. This one is much heavier, with more hops comparing to the previous ones. Amber color, long lasting on glass foam. Aroma is full of caramel and some roasted flavours plus some mild fruits. Quite an intense bitterness covers bread – grain character of this beer. Carbonation is low and despite high voltave we didn’t taste alcohol.

Last of first four beers from Slodowy Dwor was Bialowieskie, a sweet stout. Looked very good, black colour with little dirty fine-foam. In aroma it gave coffee and chocolate, in taste roasted elements as well as some coffee. In our opinion it could have been more intense but we liked it anyway.

In Slodowy Dwor’s offer they also have witbier called Białe Podlaskie (12,5% Plato, 5% alkoholu). Beer is clody, golden, with white, fluffy head. It has rather intense, sweet aroma with clear fruity notes. Taste sweet-fruity, of wheat, bitterness low.

Słodowy Dwór Browar, Polska

For beers from Slodowy Dwor we reached again after couple of weeks to try newly brewed Czerwone Bagno – Irish Red Ale. We found it very good. It was very dark, with medium malty aroma, quite intense (14% Plato, 5,2% alkoholu). Beer is dominated by malty tastes and has low bitterness.

The latest production of Slodowy Dwor is Augustowskie Noce – AIPA with american hops Citra, Chinook, Mosaic and Cascade. Good, coppery colour, foam white, long lasting and nicely decorating the glass. Fresh resinous – grapefruit aroma is combined with mild bitterness. In our opinion the bitterness in APIA could have been more intense but maybe such composition of tastes will find more fans among wider group of beer drinkers.

Browar Słodowy Dwór

Pay attention to the labels having completely nothing in common with beer. The leitmotif is the image of a woman of different disguise, a characterization. An interesting concept, a little referring to the nature, corresponding with idyllic beers’ names. It surely is an outstanding position on beer shelves.

We see Slodowy Dwor Brewery as a first sign of beer revoluion reaching north-eastern Poland. We like Mgly Pszeniczne and Augustowskie Noce the most from their whole offer and can really recommend them. We observe next batches having higher and higher quality but soon level will be increased significantly as new Brewery Markowy will be opened in Hajnowka and in Bialystok we are waiting for Stary Browar signed by Czeslaw Dzielak.

Browar Słodowy Dwór

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