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Barcelona’s character is largely determined by works of Catalonian artist and architect Antoni Gaudi. His works influenced the landscape of the city and attract lots of funs visiting Barcelona to admire his works. One of such works is La Pedrera, a residential building designed by Gaudi. A Building of impressive architecture and astonishing solutions for its residents. Because of its facade it was called La Pedrera – a quarry. Currently that fascade is being renovated so taking a picture of the front is not possible.
BarcelonaWe were surprised not only by Gaudi’s solutions us but also by today administrators’ care for visitors, especially those with children. Knowing that we want to visit different floors of La Pedrera and especialy the roof we were prepared to leave our stroller somewhere downstairs. We took a baby carrier – our wooven wrap for Ola and a combination lock for the stroller. Woven wrap of course was very usefull but for strollers protection administrators arranged their own way. On the first floor, nerby the entrance there is a locker room where we could leave all our baby stuff and lock the stroller. It’s free of charge, we just needed to put one euro in the lock to close it. It’s being returned when opening a lock. With all the stuff safely left there we were ready for the tour.

La Pedrera, BarcelonaLa Pedrera, Barcelona

La Pedrera is an extraordinary residential house built at the beginning of 20th century by Antoni Gaudi for Mila family. It is widely known, among others, for its roof. There is nothing usual there. The staircases exiting on the roof are built each in different shape and decorated with ceramics. The chimneys resemble soldiers in their helmets standing on guard.

 Casa Mila is nine floors high and from its roof there is a nice view over the roofs of Barcelona.


On the last floor of La Pedrera we found out how Gaudi created the shape of arches of the attic. He used hanging chains and observing them in the mirror he received catenary arches – a very strong construction that can be created of light materials. Same method he used in his other projects, like the church at Santa Coloma de Cervello.

La Pedrera, BarcelonaLa Pedrera, Barcelona
In Casa Mila they also present the apartaments designed by the famous architect. Not only the construction of the building but also interiors were planned by the artist. Including the furniture, wall tiles, and some equipment. We imagine that it must be huge fans who come to visit as they even redraw themselves the wall tiles.

La Pedrera, BarcelonaLa Pedrera, BarcelonaLa Pedrera, Barcelona

All of Gaudi’s works were thought out to the smallest details. So were his designs of different types of seats.  They look strange at the first sight but they were preceded by detailed studies of human body and desinged so that they were adjusted  to its shape as much as possible.

BarcelonaThe most surprising idea relised in La Pedrera was an underground garage! Although it was just a place where horse carts were kept at that time, it was pushing it under ground that was a farsighted idea. In the times when the automotive industry was at the beginning of its development and the shortage of space wasn’t so painful Gaudi couldn’t have had the idea how popular this solution will become.
It’s definitely a must-be place in Barcelona and 20,50 euro for the ticket is a well spent money.

BarcelonaFrom organizational tips it’s worth mentioning that tickets are sold online. It’s a big advantage to come already with the ticket for a specific time and avoid long queue lines to the ticket office. When bought far in advance, any time of the day is available. And we advise to use an audio guide offered free of charge at the entrance. Huge amount if interesting information…
And regarding baby stuff – there is a toilets on the ground floor equipped with baby changing station and diaper basket.
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