There is such place in Barcelona… London Bar

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There is such place in Barcelona, a place off the main touristic route, a place where closing your eyes you can get transferred almost 100 years back. It’s London Bar, a pub loacted at Nou de La Rambla 34, not far from Guell Palace.

It’s been there since 1910. Its interior has not been renovated recently and we can find there old equipment, wall decorations, even floor tiles reminding of the times when artistic bohema was poping in there.


It has always been a special place, with some kind of spirit that brought artistic souls there. Imagine only that on the same place you are sitting now there used to sit Hemingway, Orwell, Picasso, Joan Miró, or Dalí.


Stuff is friendly and outgoing what creates still special atmosphere in the place. We got there right after opening, at 6 o’clock, and found already some loacals having their favourite drinks at the bar. Only couple of tourists looked inside. We wanted to feel like the Catalonians and had some tradiotinal drinks. Salut!BarcelonaBarcelona


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