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After succesfull trip to Lithuania we were anxious waiting for next chance of going out from home. It was hot summer and we were dreaming about an escape from the city. When the oportunity came for our weekend break we chose Mikolajki, a small town in Polish Masurian Lake District.


Masuria covers an area of 10 000 square kilometers with 2000 lakes connected by a system of canals. The region shape is a result of glaciers activity around 14,000 – 15,000 years ago. Today it gives wonderful possibilities for sailors bringing to the lakes thousands of tourists each year.

The idea of canals goes back to the mid of eighteenth century but todays shape of water connections was achieved in the mid of ninteenth century. System of waterways from Pisz to Wegorzewo includes 13 canals (today 11 in use) connecting Masurian lakes. That allows sailors for days of fun on the water and makes the Masurian waters full of boats from the very begining of May until the end of September.

Mikolajki03Mikolajskie Lake

Almost 4-thousand-people town Mikolajki is located at Mikolajskie and Talty lake. Thanks to such position it became a sailing capital of Poland. Local marina and the offer of hang out throughout whole summer attracts all sailors of Masurian lakes. This time the pleasure of sailing was not for us. We had to remain on the land and at least breathe the atmosphere of summer at the lake. Although local port offers an opportunity to get on the water for those like us as well. Passenger vessels take for the cruise accros the lake thousands of people each season.

Mikolajki offers accomodation for around 1500 people starting from many campsites (out of which Wagabunda deserves to be recommended) on luxury hotels ending. For our stay we chose a new  Mikolajki Hotel built in 2013 on Birds Island on Mikolajskie lake. This modern looking building at first sight doesn’t fit into that landscape but after getting used to that view we appreciated a good example of modern architecture in Mikolajki landscape.

Mikolajki HotelMikolajki HotelMikolajki Hotel

Hotel has an offer of spa and wellness zone. Beside the recreation pool with massages there is a paddling pool just perfect for the little ones – warm water, 0,4m deep. Of course we had those special diapers for swimming. It’s a great invention – in case anything happens they keep it tight and it’s easy to remove it from the swimming pool without contaminating whole water. Luckily we didn’t have to practice that and enjoyed swimming in a pool.
This time we asked for a baby cot for Ola. We received a travel cot, unfortunately without a floor, with a soft mattress that didn’t look like good place for a baby to sleep. But using some pillows we made it even and Ola could comfortably sleep in that sweet linen.

Girls’s early morning snack time surprised mom and Ola with a beautiful sunrise.


Mikolajki is also a good base to visit other interesting places in Masuria. This part of Poland has a very interesting history and some monuments whch survived until today let us meet the history. The beginnings of settlement in this area are dated to15 000 years back. Within an hour drive there are many interesting sights such as castles in Ryn, Reszel, Ketrzyn, Gizycko, monastery of Old Believers in Wojnowo or Wolf’s Lair, Hitler’s 1941-44 Eastern Front headquater.


But the best way to visit Masuria is a boat. Not only it allows to stop at interesting places but also lets enjoy the biggest treasure of Masuria – it’s unique nature. When Ola grows up a little we will surely be back on the water.


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