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That was short after Ola was born when the long May weekend was coming. Our first long weekend since we had her. We were wondering what to do – can we go somewhere as we used to do or stay home and let Ola sleep in her own bed. We made the decision to take our daughter in her first trip.


She was 6 weeks old going in her first journey.

We decided to show her one of our favourite cities – Vilnius, Lithuania. It’s not far away from home so she didn’t have to spend whole day in a car seat. Her passport was already in the drawer, just waiting for its time, so we could go abroad with no stress. One day she will hate us for that passport picture – taken only few days after coming home from hospital, she was all swollen and barely could open her eyes. We will have to change it soon, not to embarrass her.


For the first time we had to find room in our luggage for those little pants and bodysuits. They didn’t take too much space. Unlike the diapers – those took more space than all her cothes and other stuff! As the beginners we weren’t sure how many of them to take so probably we took twice as many as needed. We knew that they are easily reachable in Vilnius but it was easier just to take them from home and not to bother about them once we are there. Our first packing went not too bad – one big bag for the three of us. But how to fit it in the car trunk together with the baby carriage? Few minutes of intense attempts and we made it. Just pushed a little harder to close and we were off for the weekend.
We arrived to Vilnius after couple hours drive and a few snack stops. Hunger wins with everything and forces us to stop no matter what.

Vilnius is a beautiful city, the biggest in Lithuania – over 500 000 people. It’s been Lithuania’s capital since 1323. The most important person to the city and country history was Grand Duke Gediminas and the city is strongly connected with him. Vilnius is a medieval city and has always been a great mix of nationalities and religions. Such mix is reflected in big diversity of the city and development of local culture and architecture.




As an extremely interesting city it deserves for a separate detailed post. But this time our visit here is to set off new chapter of our voyages, the ones with our daughter, suggest the idea of visiting Vilnius and give some general advices from our new point of view. We love the city that much, that we will soon be ther again and will come back with specific ideas for visiting Vilnius.

For the first time, being in Vilnius tens of times, we noticed how high street curbs are and discovered what cobblestone pavements can do with the little head in the stroller. To visit city center we suggest a baby carrier or a vowen wrap. Necesarily for the very little ones. For bigger children the stroller will do but the little ones need  to be carried or pushed in the carriage with serious springs.

We spent whole days wandering through the city, visiting all more and less popular corners of Vilnius.
As it was that blessed time when our daughter slept most of the day she didn’t take too much out of this visit. Definitely we will have to come back to show her everything.

VilniusVilnius UniversityUzupis, Vilnius

Thankfully we really like Vilnius and surely will be back there at the next oportunity of some holidays. The charming views of the city always make us want to come back.


This first trip gave us an idea about traveling with the baby. We started paying attention where the baby changing tables are avialable – really not a popular thing, even if its just a borad hanging on the wall. Thankfully now we can easily change the baby in the carrier. We suddenly noticed how high the curbs on the streets are and how important are the driveways at pedestrian crossings.

Over the time and along with number of visited places we will probably be discovering more and more facilitates and difficulties. Stay with us find out more…

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