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Before our trip to Arabic Peninsula we tried to do some reaserch on the Internet on what we need to cross UAE and Oman border by car. We found so many different information, some more precise, some less, but most of them out-of-date. The procedures must have changed since the time of posting those information because it’s way easier than describen on the Internet. After checking the procedure personally we decided to post a note with current and trusted information from the end of November 2014.

So when you are going from UEA (we were going from Dubai) to Oman by rented car just follow the routine:

1. While picking up the car ask for additional insurance for the teritory of Oman and the letter confirming the owners approval to take the car abroad. We took the car from Budget as they had clear rules of going to Oman on their web site. For each day in Oman they charged +50% but all the documents were properly prepared and we had no problem at the border.

2. We took the E102 from Dubai and headed to Al-Wajaja border post following the signs to Hatta. When you pass the city of Hatta just drive on. First border checkpoint you will see is for trucks and there is no necessity to stop there, just drive forward, you won’t miss the border.

3. After few kilometers you will see Emirati exit point. This is the place where Emirati stamp your passport for exit. This is necessary step in the whole procedure but you don’t have to worry it’s not possible to be missed.

4. Drive on to the next step – Omani customs control. Here they have a look in the trunk (remember not to have any alcohol as it’s not allowed to bring it in the country) and give you the paper stating number of people in the car.

5. Drive the road and you will see the sign „NEW VISA”. Follow it to the parking lot. Take all the documents from car rental, your passports and go to the building. Fill in the immigration card (it’s on the table on the right hand side) and queue to the window on the right hand side. Here they will ask for passports, immigration cards and car documents. Pay for visa – the best would be to have Omani Rials but US dollars are good anough and the card is even better. And that’s it, you’re almost in Oman.

6. Get back to the car and drive straight to the exit point where they will want the paper you got at the very beginning, the one with the number of people in the car. No, you won’t need to present it on your way back  to UAE as some people write. You leave the border only with the documents you came there with.

And now you can get yourself a t-shirt “I survived Dubai – Oman border”.

Easy, isn’t it? Now the way back. We were coming back to UEA through another border crossing: Al Ain /Al Buraimi.

1. Here is the first trick: 30 minutes before Al Alin, approaching from Suhar by road no 7, there is Wadi Al Jizzi border post. This is the place where you need to get Oman exit stamp. It connot be missed when driving this road.

2. We followed the road to Al Ain to use a border crossing in the city center. There are probably other crossings outside the city but signs on the roads were a little confusing and we ended up in the city center. Driving by road no 7, we went straight through oval-shaped roundabout and on the next one we turned right and we were already at the boarder crossing. At the border we were greeted by two booths one with closed barrier and the sign „Foreigners” and the other one wide open. It’s not necessary to wait at closed barrier as there is nobody in any of the booth. Just drive straight through the open gate.

3. And here is another trick – no signs, no nothing but you have to pull over by the fence on left hand site. There is a building behind the fence – this is UEA immigration. Go there to get an entry visa.

4. Drive on to next booths where is customs and passport control.

So there is nothing more simple than crossing this border. Whoever writes on the Internet that it’s almost impossible for tourists to cross it, should try to cross the border of Moldova and Transnistria. UAE and Oman border is a simple thing, especialy when you know those couple things we mentionad above.

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  1. Bart Monday December 7th, 2015 at 08:04 AM

    AlWajajah border post…

    Horrible experience. 4 hours waiting in a queue just to get a stamp in the passport (some people waited for as much as 6 hours!).

    Zero organisation and assistance from staff. Chief of the border post claimed he doesnt speak english and ignored the complaint.

    Last visit to Oman…

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