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We enjoyed the cool air of our room but decided to give the city another chance, get up very early in the moring and have another look over the city attractions. Must see attractions, of course depending on time available, are National Museum of Qatar and Museum of Islamic art. Both in eye-catching  buildings.

QatarFanar, Qatar Islamic Culture Center MosqueQatar
We couldn’t miss the oportunity of showing Ola falcons and camels so we had to visit Souq Waqif areas again. In the back there is an old camel market where until today the animals are being sold. Falcons we found in the alleys of the souk, next to the camel market. Ola definitely better liked camels but behaved like she’s seen thousands of them already.

Camel Souq, QatarCamel Souq, QatarCamel Souq, Qatar

Heading to the seaside we passed along the Emir’s Palace with a clocktower, together with adjacent mosque.

Clocktower, Doha, Qatar


Emir’s place is called Emiri Diwan and is a seat of Qatar’s government.

Emiri Diwan, Doha, Qatar

Emiri Diwan, Doha, Qatar

As the heat was getting stronger and stronger we directed towards Al-Cornishe, a promenade along the seaside and a symbol of Qatar – the Oyster and a pearl fountain. Qatars economy used to be based on pearl fishery. This was Qataris’ main occupation. But it was the time long before exploiting oil and natural gas. It’s those resources that power local economy today.

Oyster and a pearl fountain, Doha, Qatar

Honestly speaking we were not knocked down by the Oyster’s charm, maybe wthen the fountain is on it makes bigger impression, try to imagine. The promenade seemed to be a nice place, even with its rules, but there was nobody there. It was desolate.

Al Corniche, Doha, QatarAl Corniche, Doha, Qatar
Oh sorry, we have seen 3 (three!) Pakistani men wandering around. Unberable heat keeps most of people somewhere inside. We checked again the view from the harbour.

Doha, QatarDoha, QatarDoha, QatarDoha, QatarDoha, Qatar
After some time we were already tired, Ola got red cheeks of heat so we only dreamt about getting back to the hotel. How to do it the fastest? Catch a taxi, of course, one would say. Not in Qatar. Standing in the full sun for 10 minutes and watching all cabs passing by, not interested in takig us at all, we gave up and walked back to the hotel jumping from one shade to another.

Beside Mueseum of Islamic Art we regret also not going to the Pearl Qatar – an artificial island, luxoriuos neighborhood with marina that when finished will provide home for 45 000 people. So when going to Doha just rent a car that will give you firstly – protection form the heat and secondly – the possibility to drive everywhere without worrying how to get back cause public comunication is rather poor and taxis untrusted.

Our stay in Doha was coming to an end, we got some rest in our room and headed to the airport. What is very convenient, Doha airport provides baby strollers so you can check yours in to the hold! Qatar Airways strollers are avaliable there free of charge. Nice idea.

An airport itself is quite well adjusted to kids’ needs. Beside those strollers there are couple playgrounds for children (designed in very stylish way) and number of changing rooms.


For childless there are tv and computer areas of the same style, some quiet rooms and a mosque of course.

Doha Airport, QatarDoha airport, Qatar

But Allah only knows what the biggest in the world teddy bear does there!

Doha Airport, Qatar

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