Our 3 ideas for snacks in Dubai

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  1. At Deira Spice Souq accross the Dubai Creek try some refreshing fruit juices. There is a booth right on the corner of the souq when approaching it from abras (wooden boats) water station. One of them is that fresh, that is served right from the fruit – a coconut. Juice itself is nothing really special but drinking it straight from the fruit makes all the fun. Cost is not so high (less than 3 dollars) so we think it’s worth trying.UAEUAEUAE
  2. Get the table with the view over the Creek and abra station near Old Souk. Try some fruit juices and enjoy the view of small wooden boats swimming accross the Creek back and forth.
    We had turkish style coffee, fruit salad and some juices of fruits which names told us completely nothing and sat back, relaxed, read the newspaper and watched the waves on the Creek waters. Creek, DubaiCreek, Dubai

    Creek, DubaiCreek, Dubai

    Yeah, right. Maybe a year ago we would have but today we could only try. In fact we gave the baby some fruits to try, checked if she wasn’t thirsty and gave her some water, excercised a little to keep all the things on the table, met some of Ola’s new friends and drank our drinks in a hurry and moved on.

    DubaiDubai, UAE


  3. Last but not least – mom’s favourite idea – Haagen Dazs. Those are the ice creams mom would do anything to get.Dubai, UAEProducer declares using only natural ingredients in their ice creams, no preservatives and no artificial color. We don’t know if it’s true but mom says they are really better then any others she’s tried so far. They of course are not a local product but when visiting a luxury city, trying luxury ice creams is a must. Dubai, UAEDubai, UAEchangechairplaygroundkidsmenu

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