Kumas and incense burners on Muttrah Souk, Oman

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Another district of Muscat, this time more attractive and accessible for locals and tourists, is Muttrah. Muttrah is the biggest in the nighborhood port which has been there for hundreds years of trade tradition in Oman. It has been connecting Arabic Peninsula countires with Indian and Eastern African traders. Muscat, Muttrah, OmanMuscat, Muttrah, OmanThe best view over big ships standing in the port is from corniche – the promenade wraping around the bay. The walkway running along the seaside is a popular place of evening meetings of Omani families or the groups of men friends. It offers the nice view over the city white buildings with a few distinctive points – Mosque of the Great Propher with beautiful blue dome and minaret, a sand beige, two-storey Muttrah Souq entrance with colorful dome and gold shining domes of corniche booths. Mosque of Grand prophet is a 15th-century building, a place of worship for Al-Lawati tribe, a local ethnocultural Shia group.

Muscat, Muttrah, OmanMuscat, OmanMuscat, Oman

Right in the center of the bay there is the oldest market in Oman – the Old Muttrah Souk. This roofed marketplace is a typical arabic souk full of different items, from wide variety of textiles, fruits, vegetables to souvenirs and jewellery. The local difference we noticed is the offer of traditional Omani incense burners and the choice of hats of characteristic for Oman shape. Those hats are called kuma and are tailor-made, each cap is made to suit its owner head. They are to be worn every day, so little holes to provide air circulation are necessary in this climate. The market is closed relatively early – at 8 pm.

Muttrah Souk, OmanMuttrah Souk, OmanMuttrah Souk, OmanMuttrah Souk, OmanMuttrah Souk, Muscat, OmanMuttrah Souk, OmanMuttrah Souk, OmanMuttrah Souk, Oman

In Muttrah area there is Bait Al Baranda museum which interactively shows the history and geology of Muscat (including exhibit of the dinosaur).

Wide hi-way leading from Muttrah to Muscat passes by the Ryiam Park, a place of Omani relax and playground for kinds and teens. Green areas with colorful flowers are crowned by huge white incense burner. It is possible to climb up to get a good view over the bay.

Follow our road from Muttrah to Walled City:

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