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Holidays are slowly coming to an end but we can bet that there are still some of you who have not been on their holidays yet are still looking for some inspiration where to go. If you still have no plan, you are not prepared to visit any specific corner of the world, we want to suggest you an idea – visit Malta!

That small island on Mediterrenean Sea is very interesting in terms of culture, cuisine and history and its compact size allows to leave home without any long preparations and arrange everything easily being there, just having a look at the most important attractions of Malta and Gozo before you leave.

panorama of Malta

Since the destination is already chosen, it’s time to look for acommodation. It’s a real pleasure for us to recommend you a great place on Malta, perfect for holidays with a baby, romantic weekend and a good base for different trips over the island. This is Inter Continental hotel in Silema – a city located on the opposite side of the bay from historic center of Valletta.

Before we chose this hotel for our short vacation we spent some time looking for a perfect place to stay. From hundreds of hotels we chose this one and are happy we did it. Our trip to Malta was supposed to be like real family holidays so we looked for a place that would offer something nice for every one of us.

First thing we paid attention on was was access to water. To the sea or swimming pool. We wanted to have something wet at our fingertips, but surprisingly it wasn’t that easy on this sea island! In the first way we got attracted by all those hotels with swimming pools at their roofs. How romantic that is, and how exotic to swim in a pool on the roof! But quickly recalled that we have already had a chance to see such pool somewhere, maybe that was Rome or maybe Barcelona… Indeed the pool was on the roof but was not bigger thatn 2×3 meters and it wouldn’t good neither for swimming nor for playing with Ola. Thanks to that experience we paid extra attention watching all the pools’ pictures. Inter Continental in Silema did looked really good in that mater. And it in fact is, Their swimming pool really is on the roof but not on the very last floor but on as far as we remember on 8 floor, in especially arranged garden. This is not a sport swimming pool but comparing to all other hotelss it allowes to swim much bigger distance, but what was the most convenient for us, it has a gentle and shallow entrance. From one side it gets deep very very slowly what makes it a perfect place to play for kids and relax for adults. Ola was in paradise playing in that shallow water but when only she saw other kids got even more happy. Water on 8th floor gets warm quite easily and for those who it cannot chill any more hotel offers really big garden with palms giving shadow and relief from the sun. Fish swimming in the pond among palms are another attraction for the little ones.

Inter Continental MaltaInter Continental Malta

We were lucky to get a room with a balcony over the garden side, so our view was nice and it was a real pleasure to sit on the balcony when Ola was sleeping already. Better view could have been only over the sea but they seem not to have too many rooms with such. We liked the idea of the garden and the room with its view.

But what about tha sea? Malta is an island on Mediterrenean Sea so we were looking to swim in the sea of course and did not expect that acces to one is not that obvious. We imagined of course a beautiful sandy beach in the hotel where Ola will be able to play safely. But beaches on Malta are the sparate thing to be checked before you visit the island. Inter Continental has its own one but unfortunately it is not on the premisses of the hotel but remote from it. Its just max. 2 minutes away but still requires from you getting dressed, packing all the stuff instead going in hotel dressing-gown straight from your room. Beach is rather good, with sand, gentle shore and sunbeds and towels for hotel guests. Not too big, rather full of people but it is. In our opinion swimming pool was a better option and it was more likely to find us there.

Inter Continental beach MaltaPlaża Inter Continental Malta

For swimming fans there is one more pool in a hotel, inside, few floors down from the garden, right next to the spa. This one is the right place for swimming. Neighboring spa has a wide offer, although we haven’t tried any of their spa procedures. Fitness center did not attract us either cause we were more curious for the island itself. But have to admit, even though it was hot outside, we dared to try their turkish bath! And thanks to that we found that there is a childrens playing area available and you can even leave your kid there to have some fun with personel. Unfortunately Ola was still to little to play there but maybe next time she will give it a try.

Water was not the only thing that made our decision about choosing this hotel. We are not huge fans of sunbathing so we knew that we needed something more that will keep us busy there. We chose this place because its quite near to the best attraction of Malta – historical city of Valletta. Getting there by car took us couple minutes but those who like walking can try to get there on foot. It took us around 40 minutes of walking plus few minutes by ferry from Silema to Valletta. Such walk gives you a chance to admire typical Maltese architecture.

But if sightseeing is not your strong side the location of hotel is still good because it is surrounded by many bars, restaurants and all you need for entertainment. Hotel bar is also a nice one.


And since we re already talking about culinaries we have to say it was a pleasure to try their breakfast offer. It is really rich and tasty. Besides standard hotel breakfast food you can try there some local products such as Gozo cheese or pastries. Service, very good, everything fresh but the thing we really liked was a separate room for families with kids. I think not only parents but especially other hotel guests appreciate it. All kids stay there and do not even thing about leaving the place. Room is of course equipped in high chairs but it’s the whole playground that keeps the kids there. First thing is little pool with balls, inflated castle for jumpng, than table football, and for older ones Play Station and tv with cartoons. Ola was so excited to play there and make new friends that we barely could leave fhe place after finishing the breakfast. But we stayed a little longer seeing her enjoying the place so much.

Inter Continental MaltaInter Continental MaltaInter Continental Malta

Talking about kids we have to mention that baby cot was of course available but a nice thing added to it was a set of bathing cosmetics for kids. Leaving home you can really forget the shampoo for your little one. Hotel will provide basic hygiene set for him or her. You just need to remember about the toothbrush. Those cosmetics are delicate and smell nicely and using them for washing your baby is a good idea.

Inter Continental Malta

We should also mention we liked the interior of the room. It was very spacious, painted in soft color and even after putting the baby cot in the middle we had enough space to move there!

Inter Continental Malta

The only disadvantage of the hotel is its location by only if we are talking about parking. On neighboring streets there is no really option to park your car so if you rent one you will surely have to use valet underground parking, paid at the hotel, for 10 euro/ day.

Despite that we can really recommend this place for those looking for accommodation in Malta. Somehow we happened to write quite a laudatory text but we really spent there good time and wanted to share it with you. Saying it one word: #perfectholidays :)


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