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Dresden – is it worth to visit a city which in the result of the events of February 1945 was deprived of all historical buildings? Or is it better, to understand its history, to stay home and read “Slaughterhouse-Five” Kurt Vonnegut? We had a chance to see Dresden on our way to Italian Alps and our impressions from the visit in the capital of Saxony were really positive. Walking the streets of its downtown it was hard to believe that a few decades ago it was completely damaged. Experts say that the present appearance of the buildings is the effect of the use Saxon sandstone, which quickly blackening adds the city center some charm. Below few reasons for which it is worth to visit the city which still remains this from Canaletto images.

1. We are starting our trip on the eastern bank of Elbe river with the Golden Rider and Japanese Palace. Despite this part of the city is not so interesting itself, its the place where we can see the best view of Dreseden.
2. By Augustus bridge we are heading to Brühl’s Terrace. Walking the terrace along Elbe river we can see the buildings of Saxony’s Supreme Court, Academy of Fine Arts, Albertinium and many sculptures. At the end of the terrace we find the route to New Synagogue.
Brühl's Terrace, DresdenBrühl's Terrace, DresdenBrühl's Terrace, DresdenBrühl's Terrace, Dresden
3. Coming back to the north we are heading to New Market with Dresden Frauenkirche in its center. This church, with 300 years of history, only few years ago was opened for believers and turists after being reconstructed from the ruins.
Dresden FrauenkircheDresden Frauenkirche
4. Few steps from the cathedra we can admire the Procession of Princes – the biggest in the world porcelain wall image. It was originally painted on the wall but later in order to make it waterproof it was replaced with porcelain tiles. Wilhelm Walther’s work presents 94 people, out of which 35 are the rulers of Saxony and other 59 are farmers, children and scientists. We will find there also 45 horses and 2 greyhounds. There is only one women on the image.
Procession of Princes, DresdenOrszak Książęcy, Drezno

5. Coming back to Elbe river, we are again around Augustus Bridge but this time we are heading north. On our way to Theater Square we see Dresden Castle and the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, DresdenDresden
6. The central point of the Theater Square is Semperoper. This monumental building is the third one built in this place. Opera was reconstructed only 40 years after World War II and it seems that it still has bad luck – three years ago it was flooded by Elbe river.
Opera Sempera, Dresden

7. Right next to Opera there is a Zwinger – Rococo style palace. Complex suffered great damage during bombing of Dresden and even today we got the impression that it is being reconstructed.

Zwinger, DresdenZwinger, DresdenZwinger, Dresden

8. We rocomend finishing the tour at Weißeritzstraße. Here is Yenidze – building strongly differing from the baroque architecture of the city. This mosque-resembling structure was a whim of some tobacco enterpreneur who put it on the territory of his factory. Today it locates the offices.

Yenidze, DresdenYenidze, DresdenDresden 

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  1. Monika Thursday April 30th, 2015 at 06:04 PM

    O tak, Drezno rzeczywiście warto odwiedzić.
    Z powodów wymienionych powyżej i nie tylko :)

  2. Wapniaki Wdrodze Thursday April 30th, 2015 at 06:49 PM

    Ciekawe skąd się temu przedsiębiorcy wzięła akurat taka forma dla fabryki – co chciał osiągnąć, bo w naszym kochanym kraju, gdyby tak produkować papierosy w kościele, to by było …

  3. Łukasz | Kartka z Podróży Friday May 1st, 2015 at 07:34 AM

    Dzięki, wracają stare wspomnienia. A czy Marien Kirche został już całkowicie odbudowany?

  4. zof Friday May 1st, 2015 at 04:29 PM

    Nie byłam nigdy w Dreźnie, ale Twoje powody mnie przekonują.

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