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The latest report from our garden. Vineyard Aleksandra keeps on growing. The plants are already 5 months old and we can tell already that all of them are growing. They grow much faster than their patron Ola and have reached already over 1,5 meters. Surely it is a result of sunny summer and enerous irrigation among others by those little hands and tiny watering can.

Vineyard Aleksandra Winnica Aleksandra

On the horizon we already see the time to take the decision about how to grow the plants in the future. Right at the beginning we gave up the cultivation of vines on pergolas as they do in in house vineyards in Georgia. We will have them grown in the classical farming method but we still have some time to choose particular one. We hope that warm September will allow the vines reach even higher before we wil start preparing them for winter time.

Winnica Aleksandra Winnica Aleksandra

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